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Federal   Government [& International]

Criminal Intelligence Service Canada - CISC
Department of Justice/Bureau of Justice Assistance
Department of Transportation/ National Highway  
Federal Bureau of Investigation (& Uniform Crime Reports)  
Federal Trade Commission  
Insurance Bureau of Canada  
National Criminal Justice Information Center
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration - NHTSA  
U.S. Customs  
U.S. Department of Justice - Office of Justice  
U.S. Department of Transportation  
Watch Your Car Program

State Government

American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators - AAMVAnet  
Council of State Governments  
National Association of Insurance Commissioners  
National Conference of Insurance Legislators - NCSL  
National Conference of State Legislators  

U. S. and International Law Enforcement Related Associations

International Association of Auto Theft Investigators - IAATI  
International Association of Chiefs of Police  
International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts  
National Association of Attorneys General - NAAG
National Insurance Crime Bureau - NICB
Royal Canadian Mounted Police - RCMP  
Texas Auto Theft Prevention Authority  

 U.S. and International Industry Related Organizations

Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety
Alliance of American Insurers
American Institute for Chartered Property/Casualty Underwriters  
American Insurance Association - AIA
American Risk and Insurance Association - ARIA
Association of Certified Fraud Examiners  
Auto Theft Prevention/HEAT
Canadian Coalition Against Insurance Fraud - CCAIF
CARCO Group Inc.
Carfax - Vehicle History Reports  
CCC Information Services
Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters
Coalition Against Insurance Fraud - CAIF
Communications Fraud Control Association
Fraud Defense Network
Free VIN Check
Highway Loss Data Institute
Help End Auto Theft - HEAT  
Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America - IIABA
Insurance Educational Association  
International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators
International Association of Insurance Fraud Agencies
International Association of Marine Investigators
International Association of Insurance Fraud Agencies
International Association of Special Investigation Units
International Claim Association
Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair
Insurance Committee for Arson Control
Insurance Information Institute
Insurance Institute for H'way Safety/Highway Loss Data Institute
Insurance Research Council - IRC
Insurance Services Office
International Insurance Foundation
Maryland Vehicle Theft Prevention Council
My VIN Vehicle History Reports
National Association of Fraud Investigators
National Association of Independent Insurance Adjustors - NAII
National Association of Independent Insurance Agents - PIA
National Council on Compensation Insurance
National Conference of Insurance Legislators
National Vehicle Identification Program
National Fraud Information Center
New York Anti-Car Theft Association - NYACT
National White Collar Crime Center
Neighborhood Watch
Northeast Insurance Financial Anti-Fraud Group
Professional Liability Underwriting Society
Protect Our Parts Program
Reduce Auto Theft In Texas - RATT
Reinsurance Association of America - RAA
Risk and Insurance Management Society - RIMS
Society of Collision Repair Specialists - SCRS
Society of Chartered Property & Casualty Underwriters - CPCU
Stolen Car Reports
Technical Insurance Services - TIS
Texas Association of Vehicle Theft Investigators - TAVTI
Texas Crime Prevention Association - TCPA
The A.M. Best Company
The International Association of Auto Theft Investigators - IAATI
The Nation's Neighborhood Watch For Stolen Vehicles
Vehicle Identification Numbers
Vehicle History Reports
VIN History Check
Western States Auto Theft Investigators Association