Published in The APB

March Issue, 2010

Past President Philip Crepeau

Wins the Dreher Award


Ziggy Zablocki

At the seminar in Colorado last August, Past President Phil Crepeau was honored with the prestigious Dreher Award.

The Raymond W. Dreher Award was established in the memory of Lt. Raymond W. Dreher, Missouri Highway Patrol and 19th President of IAATI. It is awarded to members who have distinguished themselves by services to the association or for other major outstanding acts in the vehicle theft field.

Phil Crepeau served 20 years with the New York Police Dept. with the bulk of his career as a Detective and Investigative Supervisor in the Organized Crime Control Bureauís Auto Crime Division. His achievements included co-founding the NYPD Auto Crime School in 1973. After retiring from the NYPD as a Lieutenant, he moved on to become Senior Vice President with CARCO Group, Inc., continuing his career combating auto theft with IAATI and most recently with LoJack.

His first exposure to IAATI was through the Northeast Chapter and was elected to their Board of Directors in 1973. He continued serving the Northeast Chapter through to his presidency in 1985, when he was also elected to the IAATI Board. He was elected as IAATIís president in 1995 and through his years with IAATI and until today, he has worked on many committees and was instrumental in many IAATI milestones.

For example, he was directly involved in Constitutional change that ultimately broadened our membership base and voting privileges. Also, he was heavily involved in getting IAATI on to the Internet and bringing us all closer to our chapters and branches.

However, of all his accomplishments and influences in IAATI over the years, one stands out. For over 15 years now, our nominee has and continues to serve on the APB Committee as Managing Editor, troubleshooting issues affecting the magazine. Tirelessly, behind the scenes, over all these years, our nominee has and continues to be called upon to deal with issues and mediate between parties all the while conducting his new daily responsibilities with LoJack. Most recently, while IAATI was undergoing the transition between two publishers, our nominee was heavily involved and was pivotal in ensuring a smooth transition.

For his years of self-less dedication to the causes of IAATI and for his tireless work on the APB, Phil was nominated for and received the Dreher Award.

Congratulations Phil on this award and for your years of service!